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C2FO collaborates with partners across the globe to help businesses earn strong returns on cash and quickly gain access to low cost capital.

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C2FO is changing the financial landscape with equitable working capital solutions that allow suppliers to get paid early and buyers to be rewarded with returns on their cash. Our network includes leading Fortune 100 companies and diverse-owned businesses, all working together to build a truly inclusive global economy.

Businesses Across the Globe Trust the C2FO Platform

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Solutions Powered by C2FO

Embed access to C2FO technology within your own platform to unlock instant cash returns and low capital costs.

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Ways to Partner with C2FO

Technology Integration

Technology partners achieve better margins and provide access to low-cost capital for their customers by integrating C2FO directly within their platform. Our lightweight API and SDKs make it easy to set up an early payment programme in a matter of weeks.

Product Development & Innovation

Innovation partners leverage our knowledge of customers’ working capital needs and 20+ years of development expertise to create new products and services that deliver exceptional experiences for leading enterprise companies.

ESG and D&I Initiatives

C2FO supports partners in their ESG and D&I efforts by connecting them to diverse-owned businesses and environmentally conscious trade within the C2FO network.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions partner with C2FO to provide more working capital options and lending solutions for their customers. Access to the C2FO network enables them to reach new demographics of customers and stay competitive in today’s economic landscape.


A powerful tool for liquidity.

“Our partnership with C2FO creates a dynamic source-to-pay solution that improves how companies access and manage capital, enabling our customers to turn their cash into a more powerful tool for liquidity.”

Pascal Bensoussan
Chief Product Officer of Ivalua

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