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Finding the Humanity in Fintech: Taking a Closer Look at C2FO’s New Brand

A new look and message will help us better connect with the businesses that power the global economy. All of them. 

A new look and message will help us better connect with the businesses that power the global economy. All of them. 

C2FO is proud to unveil our freshly reimagined brand, which combines real people with a big, aspirational vision in a way that helps us create a deeper connection with the businesses we serve. 

That was the biggest takeaway from the months of research that our team completed as part of the rebranding: Yes, we built a new, better and more inclusive financial system. And now we need to find a clear, relatable way to explain this – what we do, how we do it and why. Because what C2FO does is different, and it matters. It matters to the hundreds of thousands of suppliers who already use C2FO, who now have the power to grow and thrive. 

The new C2FO brand reflects the vision we’ve pursued from the very beginning. One that reimagines how payments and liquidity move between businesses. I’m beyond excited to share this new brand with you now. 

A new look

You can see our vision reflected in our new visual identity, starting with the new C2FO logo. Our design team has made it feel cleaner and more approachable. The text has shifted from all caps to lowercase, so it doesn’t feel like the logo is “shouting” at you.

And see the “double c” at the left? There are really two dimensions to the logo, and a bit of an optical illusion. On the one hand, you have the two conjoined c’s, which reflect “collaborative cash flow” — the “C2F” in C2FO. That represents the heart of what we do and our key differentiator. On the other hand, you have the image of a dollar bill. In the animated version of our logo, you can see that bill effortlessly floating in, which alludes to the ease with which cash flow floats into our customers’ pockets.

Our color lineup is still centered around a collection of sophisticated greens, blues and grays, but we’ve added a family of secondary colors. This palette represents the beautiful colors used in currencies around the world, reflecting the global nature of our business.

We’re also adjusting how we use photography across all of our communications, including our new website. You’ll see more imagery that shows human beings (who also happen to be business owners). They’re also very diverse, just like our customer base. 

A new message

Of course, the idea is that our visual identity will do more than look gorgeous. We believe that, by being a little more human, a little more approachable, it’ll be easier for potential customers to understand what we do and how we’re different from our competitors.

That was another finding from our research leading into the rebrand: Too many people didn’t really understand what we do, and as a result, they didn’t feel comfortable using our service. As you might imagine, that’s a big problem when you’re trying to get millions of dollars into the hands of corporations that need it.

And so our revamped messaging will emphasise:

  • C2FO is a flexible, on-demand capital platform that allows companies to quickly and easily access the capital they need, giving them full control over their cash flow. Suppliers don’t sign a long-term contract to use our platform, and they can opt in or out of using C2FO’s platform whenever it makes sense for them. They’re in control.
  • C2FO offers technology with a human touch. Our customers can tap into the power of an intuitive digital platform for working capital, combined with the support of a team of knowledgeable, dedicated advisors. Tech enables what we do, but we’re not tech for tech’s sake — if it doesn’t make life better and easier for users, it’s a distraction.
  • C2FO offers a complete suite of working capital products that deliver the right capital at the right time for the right price, tailored to the evolving needs of each business we serve.
  • C2FO’s patented Name Your Rate® technology allows customers to determine the real-time value of money, finding the balance between the desired cost of capital and desired return on cash. We’ve set up our systems so that even the smallest suppliers have the ability to suggest discount rates that work for them. 

One thing that isn’t changing: our mission

Our team is extremely proud of this rebranding effort. Not just because it looks amazing — though it is, of course, amazing — but because we know that it’s going to help us get another step closer to achieving our mission: making working capital available on equitable, convenient terms to every business that needs it, so they can continue to thrive and make the world a better place for all of us.

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