Resources | Customer Success | 10 May 2021

Independent Projects Engineering Limited Achieves Greater Access to Working Capital with C2FO

IPE, which designs, installs and tests broadcasting systems for radio and television, uses C2FO for short-term cash support for projects.

Independent Projects Engineering Limited (IPE) uses C2FO to bridge cash flow gaps and plan future projects with greater clarity.

For more than 30 years, IPE has designed, configured, and installed cutting-edge broadcasting systems for TV and radio applications.

The company has worked with many prestigious organisations including ITV, YouTube, BBC, and Facebook to transform their broadcasting equipment and infrastructure.

The challenge

Pushing the boundaries and remaining at the forefront of broadcasting technology is an exciting proposition, but it’s not without complications.

One of the companies most substantial challenges has been funding material purchases for large, multi-million-pound projects.

“C2FO improves short-term cash security, and it also allows us to plan our future projects with much more clarity.”
Mark Thomas
Financial Controller, IPE

The solution

Through C2FO, IPE has been able to access working capital on-demand by requesting early invoice payments from its customer ITV.

These early payments act as a bridge between cash outlay and cash receipt—which translates to better cash security and better forecasting.

With quick and reliable access to working capital through C2FO, IPE has gained more control of its cash flow and its planning.

Success Snapshot

Independent Projects Engineering Limited

IPE uses C2FO to bridge cash flow gaps and plan with greater clarity.

Why C2FO?

When IPE needs working capital, it can depend on C2FO’s quick and reliable service.