Resources | Customer Success | 1 July 2022

Cash On-Demand Propels MES Forward

Global leader in ship design charts new course by accelerating clients’ payments.

Calling it “so simple that a child could operate it,” Massimo Esposito, owner of MES, quickly credits the C2FO Early Payment platform with accelerating his company’s cash flow, simplifying its financial processes and enabling rapid growth. 

MES provides shipbuilders, hospitals and hotels with equipment build-out and maintenance services. It has achieved an industry-leading role internationally due to its expertise in designing hulls and fuel tanks that maximize fuel efficiency. 

Working primarily with an exclusive set of public limited companies on complex, long-term projects, the company’s ability to invoice clients in advance has often been troublesome. 

That ended when MES learned about C2FO from a major client. And then “a whole new world opened up,” Esposito said. 

Freed from the lengthy process and documentation required by banks and factors, MES leverages the C2FO Early Payment platform to easily get the cash it needs, and nearly on demand. “The process is very simple. With two quick clicks on the platform, I can launch a request for payment and have an answer within a day,” Esposito said. 

Located in northeastern Italy, MES operates near the coastal city of Trieste, between the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia. As a deep-water port, Trieste is a maritime gateway for Italy, Germany, Austria and Central Europe, and an ideal location for MES to serve commercial, transport and luxury ship fleets. 

With liquidity at his fingertips from client-approved invoices on the C2FO platform, Esposito can take on more opportunities — the kind that could be lost when other financiers’ decisions were months in the making. 

And with continued growth — the MES team has grown from four in 2013 to about 160 now — Esposito requires additional flexibility with operational costs. By knowing when he’ll receive customers’ payments, he can shift his staffing levels to meet workload demands while maintaining control over cash flow.

None of this happens without the increase in working capital enabled by C2FO, according to Esposito. He likes the C2FO platform’s ease of use and that it allows MES to accept any type of work without running into issues.

“I recommend C2FO to all companies we work with because I have been incredibly happy with the results,” Esposito said.

“After learning about C2FO from a major client, a whole new world opened up.”
Massimo Esposito
Owner, MES S.r.l.

Success Snapshot


MES has used C2FO to provide working capital so that it can rapidly grow its team and seize new opportunities.

Why C2FO?

The MES team loves the speed and simplicity of C2FO’s platform. They can rapidly access working capital when necessary.