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How C2FO Sets Itself Apart From Other Working Capital Solutions

C2FO’s innovative all-in-one platform of flexible working capital solutions helps you unlock the funds your business needs to survive, innovate and thrive.

C2FO’s innovative all-in-one platform of flexible working capital solutions helps you unlock the funds your business needs to survive, innovate and thrive.

Working capital solutions can hold the key to your company’s success. That’s because working capital impacts practically every part of your business, from paying your employees and bills on time to keeping the power on and laying the groundwork for sustainable and long-lasting growth.

There are many ways to unlock the working capital you need to meet your obligations, navigate economic uncertainty and successfully grow the business. But C2FO sets itself apart from other working capital offerings by providing a technology-powered solution for greater control over your finances — on demand, when you need it. Put simply, C2FO’s dynamic platform puts the management of working capital where it belongs: in your hands.

Working capital solutions: early payment and capital finance

C2FO offers a powerful suite of working capital tools to help you accelerate payments from your customers and shorten your accounts receivable payment cycles. In fact, recent research revealed that the average invoice on C2FO’s platform was paid 32.3 days faster than it normally would be. If your business is experiencing the pressure of rising costs, shortening the operating cycle and improving cash flow with innovative solutions is most likely a growing priority. Suppliers like you are using C2FO to gain control over outstanding invoices, protect margins, boost cash flow and optimise working capital. With better access to capital, you’ll have more opportunities to invest in expansion.

Whether you need to accelerate receivables because you’re experiencing a cash flow shortage or want to take advantage of a growth opportunity, you have a full suite of invoice solutions at your fingertips. Unlike supply chain finance solutions, which can be more limited, the C2FO network is comprehensive and can help most suppliers accelerate cash flow. Additionally, with our platform, you can access incentives for minority-, woman- and veteran-owned businesses, as well as special programmes for small to mid-sized businesses, provided by your enterprise customers.

chart showing how c2fo early payment works

Early payment

C2FO’s Early Payment programme delivers seamless visibility across all of your accounts payable and accounts receivable, and it enables you to offer your customers an incentive to pay you earlier than your agreed terms. Using our platform, many suppliers have increased liquidity and generated the positive working capital they need to relieve financial strain and seize new growth opportunities. 

Our early payment approach enables dynamic discounting, which lets you intuitively adjust the timeline of outstanding receivables, on demand. You have the power to choose which invoices to accelerate and at what price. Unlike static discounting, dynamic discounting allows your customers to pay the invoice any time before the agreed term and get a discount that adjusts automatically based on the payment date. 

C2FO also provides a centralised location so you can see exactly where your invoices are in the approval process. There’s only ever one place to visit when you want to review your outstanding receivables. This saves you time and streamlines your experience so you can quickly take action when needed.

Because plans and needs change throughout the year, we offer you the flexibility to use your invoices, a global funding network — or both — to access more working capital, without impacting your trading partners.

An innovative approach to early payment and dedicated support for suppliers 

C2FO is the only working capital solution provider that offers you a variety of options to choose from to accelerate your payments and improve your cash flow. You have the ability to leverage early payment whenever needed. Our teams monitor and analyse your receivables and payables so that you’re always in a position to maximise your working capital.

Dynamic and flexible solutions

Early payment discounting can be structured in different ways depending on what is best for you, making it a flexible solution to fit the unique needs of your business. Unlike other early payment solutions, which only allow for static, non-negotiable pricing, you can use flat discount rates or fluctuating discount rates that vary depending on how early the invoice is paid.

C2FO by the numbers

  • As the largest online platform for working capital, we serve more than 1.8 million in-network businesses across 160 countries and have funded $241 billion in working capital since 2010.

  • With more than 40 million approved invoices uploaded each day, we matched almost $1 trillion of accounts receivable to accounts payable during the first half of 2022. 

  • We’ve helped diverse businesses access more than $4 billion in accelerated funding so far in 2022.

  • 99 of the Fortune 100 are in the C2FO network.

Furthermore, C2FO’s patented Name Your Rate® technology empowers you with the ability to decide the rate you’re willing to offer customers for early payment. When you suggest a discounted rate for payment, our platform connects those discount offers with the desired target of your customers. Our real-time price valuation means that discount rates at different thresholds, timetables and invoice sizes can be approved for early payment whenever you choose. 

Expert support for your business

When implementing an early payment solution, you may not have the time or resources to seek out enterprise customers on the platform. Our dedicated team of supplier relationship managers work to onboard you and help you run your programme on the C2FO platform to ensure maximum adoption and efficiency.

The bottom line

Ultimately, C2FO’s innovative working capital solutions help companies like yours gain greater control over cash flow by offering flexible and on-demand access to working capital when you need it. We’re continuously working to deliver a future where every company in the world has the capital needed to grow.

Interested in leveraging C2FO’s working capital solutions to accelerate cash flow for your business? Learn more or get started by searching for your customers today.

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